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Big Announcement - VITA Framework Update!

Mar 29, 2013 at 11:05 PM

VITA is my other open-source project, hosted here on CodePlex. It is a full-featured ORM with full LINQ support. If you're tired of EF crap - try VITA!

Now with
  1. Entity Cache - full-blown cache solution, with full LINQ support. Dynamic LINQ queries are automatically redirected and executed against cached tables, in memory
  2. Compiled Queries Cache - all automatic and transparent
  3. Built-in Role-based Authorization framework, supporting row-level authorization
  4. Database-first approach - entity generator tool produces the entire solution from the existing database
  5. Optimistic concurrency - automatic support for RowVersion/Timestamp columns
If you're digging databases - this might be the right thing for you!
Have fun