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Suggestion for Simple Documentation

Sep 5, 2014 at 7:09 PM

Nice work on this project.

To help those who are asking how to start, and reduce the questions thereof, I suggest taking the modified README.TXT snippet (below) and posting to the Documentation tab:

Demo instructions (and show ideas for creating your own language) :
Run Grammar Explorer --
  • Open Irony_All.sln solution file in Visual Studio.
  • Right-click on the project "030.Irony.GrammarExplorer" and select "Set as StartUp project" from context menu.
  • Click Run button on toolbar (F5). Grammar Explorer Window opens.
  • !!!Important: if you are launching the Grammar Explorer for the first time after downloading Irony and
    if you see that Grammars combobox is not empty, then make sure you clear it: click the button
    next to the combobox and select "Remove all"
  • If Grammars combobox on top is empty, click on the button next to it (or right-click the combobox) and select
    "Add grammar" command. In the file-open window that appears, navigate to (root)\Irony.Samples\bin\debug folder and
    select Irony.Samples.dll. Application will popup a small window with a list of grammars in selected assembly.
    Leave all lines checked and click "OK". The newly added grammars will appear in the grammar combobox.
  • Select grammar/language in top combo-box.
  • Browse form tabs to see grammar data.
  • To parse source code sample, switch to "Test" tab. Click "Load..." button on top of the form. Open file dialog opens.
  • Navigate to <root>\Irony.Samples\SourceSamples folder. Select source file appropriate for the selected grammar.
  • Source file contents are loaded in the text area in the form. Click Parse button to parse the sample.
  • The Parse Tree control on the right will show the parse tree for the sample.
  • If the button "Run" enabled, click it to execute/evaluate the code. The results are shown in the Output window at the bottom of the form.
    For Expression Evaluator grammar, the output is the result of the last expression or assignment. Interpreter for Scheme
    can execute more complex programs found in SourceSamples\Scheme subfolder.
  • Alternatively you can paste or type your own sample program into source text area.
  • Repeat for other selections in the Grammar combobox.
  • Grammar Explorer restores your last language selection and source sample after you close/restart the form.
Note about Silverlight:
IronySilverlight project in the solution is a version of Irony for use in Silverlight environment.
This project shares almost all sources files with core Irony project. It has a conditonal symbol SILVERLIGHT defined
and uses it in a few places to select different code pieces for different environments.
The output assembly name is IronySL.dll. By default this project is not compiled when you build the solution -
so it does not break your build if you don't have SL files on your computer.

Note: To compile this project you must have Silverlight 4 Tools installed:

Irony-SL adaptation is by Kirill Osenkov

... Just a suggestion,