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.NET Standard support

Feb 21 at 9:42 AM
Any chance of Irony ever running on .NET Standard?

PS: I haven't tested whether it does already, but I assume it doesn't.
Feb 22 at 3:17 PM
I'm asking because, in ClosedXML we're considering using XLParser to help with the formula parsing and XLParser has a dependency on Irony. An often requested feature for ClosedXML is .NET Standard support ( ).
Mar 26 at 11:01 PM
I assume that your asking means that it wouldn't compile. Is there a dependency that is not present in .NET Standard?
Apr 10 at 9:25 AM
No, it doesn't compile at the moment. There are a few things that are missing. Examples:
  • InvariantCultureIgnoreCase, which could possibly be replaced with OrdinalIgnoreCase
  • Reflection methods regarding custom attributes
  • char.GetUnicodeCategory missing, but apparently planned for .NET Standard 2.0
  • ... maybe more issues
I didn't try to find all the issues. I will try to create a PR once .NEt Standard 2.0 preview is released and if Irony is migrated to GitHub (since Codeplex is shutting down soon anyway).

I guess that I'm actually asking is whether this project is still maintained and welcomes PRs.
Apr 30 at 3:22 PM
1) char.GetUnicodeCategory => CharUnicodeInfo.GetUnicodeCategory(char)

2) .NET Standard been done:
May 10 at 11:31 AM
Thanks, @MikeNET. I can't dictate to the XLParser community that they should switch to a different fork. So I'm really wishing that .NET Standard support will be included in the official release one day. Else I guess I could maintain my own builds of XLParser and Irony ... on top of maintaining ClosedXML. But that's overkill for a single developer.