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The following people made contributions to Irony project, and I would like to express my gratitude to them:

Alexey Yakovlev (yallie)
  • Contributed Refal programming language implementation.
  • Implemented auto-reloading on compile of grammar assemblies in Grammar Explorer.
  • Implemented LineContinuationTerminal.
  • Implemented semi-automatic parser conflict resolution from token preview (08/02/2011 - currently in review).

William Horner (wmh): contributed implementation of auto-compiled delegates for AST node creation.
Philipp Serr: completed NumberLiteral implementation with advanced features for c#, python, VB
CodePlex user notmasteryet: improved GwBasic grammar to make it match the syntax rules of GwBasic
Benjamen Morrison: created an implementation of Language Services for Visual Studio integration based on Irony. This code is not a part of Irony codebase (yet), but you can find it in the article in
Michael Coles - created SearchGrammar for converting Google-like search queries into MS SQL Server full-text search syntax. The code is used in his book "Pro Full-Text Search in SQL Server 2008".
Kirill Osenkov: created IronySilverlight, Irony version for Silverlight environment

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